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How It Works

What exactly is a group break?

A group break is a fun and exciting way to collect cards at a fraction of the cost of buying the entire box, or case. With the rising cost of hobby boxes and cases, group breaks offer collectors of all levels an alternative way to enjoy the hobby we all love.

All group breaks are hosted by a “breaker” and all boxes/cases are opened on a live stream utilizing multiple camera angles to ensure the viewer can watch, and enjoy, the entire break experience. The Breaker will open the box/case and show the cards for all viewers to see. All the cards pulled from the box/case will go to the owner of that team in that break. For example, all Cowboy cards pulled in the break would go to whoever purchased the Cowboys before the break begins. Below we will explain the different types of break formats.

Random Team Format

This break format is one of the most basic. For example, since the NFL has 32 teams, we may offer a random team break consisting of 32 spots. Once all 32 spots are full, we will use random.org to random all 32 NFL teams to match the 32 spots sold in the break. It’s a great way to join a break and have a chance of getting one of the more expensive teams at a cheaper price – although you may end up with one of the cheaper teams instead. (Please note – we may “combo” teams to combine teams that don’t have as many potential hits as others – which will cause us to offer less spots than normal.)

Pick Your Team (PYT) Format

This format allows collectors to pick the team of their choice.  For a PYT group break, we simply assign a value to each team. For example, if we have $59 next to the Cowboys, which would mean you would pay $59 to have the Cowboys in that particular break.

Break Rules

  • Cards will go to the team stated on the card, unless manufacture has an update on the card. No exceptions. Cards that feature players in college uniforms, with no professional team stated, will go team in following order:
    • Team player is currently on (multi teams will be awarded via randomizer)
    • Team that player had longest tenure with
      • If it is a tie, then card will be awarded via randomizer.
  • Multi Player Cards
    • Must have at least 51% ownership to be awarded card. If no one meets this criteria, it will be awarded via randomizer.
  • We use groupbreakchecklist.com as the official checklist for our breaks. If you have any questions on which team would receive which cards, you can always check this website before making a decision whether to join a break.
  • All of our randoms are done via random.org verified video.